Peru Revisited

We tend to jog our own memories by looking at our web photo albums since it is easier than hauling out the projector and screen for the real photographs, the good ol’ slides. I couldn’t help but notice that our older scanned images seemed vaguely luminous and somewhat indistinct. Whether that’s down to the adjustments I made for my old CRT monitor or to the older scanner or just to my inexperience at scanning and the settings I used, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I thought I’d revisit the photos from our 2002 Peru trip and see if I could do better now.

I could. The difference is quite startling, not that an independent observer would be able to tell without a side by side comparison. I suspect that my brain started me here because this Peru set contains what I consider to be the best picture I’ve ever taken. Anyway, for those that can muster the time and inclination, the rescanned images are behind the index page here at (The thumbnails haven’t been regenerated so they still look a little luminous.)

Tomorrow I will be waiting with bated breath for Warehouse Express, my photographic supplier of choice, to deliver my new toy in time for our spring trip to Devon and Cornwall. Perhaps more on that tomorrow. What a little tease I am. 🙂

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  2. OK I give up. Which picture do you consider to be your best ever?

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