The Rain in Spain …

… does not stay mainly on the plain. Today it stuck doggedly to the valley; in this case, the Val de Pop, which is where we are. In fact, when I’ve seen a relief map of Spain the country appears to be basically a collection of mountains. I’m wondering, therefore, just where this plain, which is supposed to hang on to all the rain, might be. It’s my opinion that we have been told a porky or two. [Explanatory note for non Cockney speakers: porky = pork pie = lie.]

Tuesday morning marks the weekly market in the streets of Jalon so, after spending most of the morning getting our local printer to work, we finally braved the low cloud and zoomed off just before 11:00 AM to investigate. Shortly, it started drizzling so, ill equipped as usual, we took shelter in a local shop or two before ending up at the Mas-y-mas supermercado where it is both dry and less of a strain on our very limited Spanish.

I had my heart set on something specific for dinner tomorrow with which to welcome Steve and Rosemary; something that uses ingredients that, to us, sums up this part of Spain. Regrettably Mas-y-mas, which, incidentally, means “more and more”, came up short on the main ingredient so we may have to sneak down under cover of night and change its name to Menos-y-menos.

While in the vicinity we took the opportunity to visit the wine cooperative and pick up 2 litres of extra virgin olive oil and 10 litres of their rosado. After all, I’m sure Steve and Rosemary will be in need of refreshment when they arrive tomorrow. Then it was back for a bite of lunch before, since it was such a good day to stay inside shopping, whizzing into Benissa to visit its Mercadona supermercado, where we had more success on the missing main ingedient.

Excellent, food and wine sorted. Now, where’s that sun gone?

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