Smooth Trip

There’s something about setting an alarm, in this case for about 5:00 AM, that makes you wake up earlier than necessary. Something subconconcious watches the clock waiting for it to ring. We woke up at 4:00 AM. Even taking our time over the few last minute preparations, we were ready by 5:30 AM for our 6:00 AM departure for Luton airport.

It was a cold, crisp frosty morning and we feared potential delays while the plane was de-iced but the fears were unfounded. The check-in lines were short, the airport was relatively calm (for an airport) and the plane was on-time. We even had a northerly wind which hastened our journey to Alicante where we landed in the Spanish sun ten minutes ahead of schedule. How the sun improves one’s mood.

Our luck continued as our two bags appeared on the baggage conveyor belt and Geoff and Pam, whose house and menagerie we are here to look after, recognized us as we emerged from the baggage hall. Bravo – we’ve only meant once and quite briefly at that. Mind you, I had just fallen fally clothed into Chris and Yvonne’s swimming pool at the time. I guess that makes us somewhat memorable.

Timing had been perfect; Geoff and Pam had only just arrived so there was no tedious hanging around and the car park fee was negligible. An hour up the motorway we were being introduced to our charges for the duration and admiring the view from Geoff and Pam’s magnificent location up the Val de Pop towards Jalon.

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