Singing in the Rain

The rain started gently soon after we awoke. It was expected and, as the shops were now all open following the holiday Monday, we decided to take the car to the Intermarché at Mont-prés-Chambord to fill up with food and diesel.

The rain had increased a little in force as we left and all around looked a very even grey. Until the afternoon, the rain would stop for about 3 minutes, then return slightly heaver. That, at least, allowed for brief sorties outside. By late afternoon there were no gaps, the rain wash thrashing constantly and waterfalls were streaming down Billy’s windows. By early evening the lightening and, I assume, thunder had joined the now ever more forcefull rain. I say "assume" thunder because the rain beating on the roof like the hammers of hell was so deafening that we really couldn’t hear anything else.

We had the foresight to buy some comfort food, choucroute garni Alsacienne (sauerkraut, smoked sausages, smoked ham and potatoes), which we have recently finished. It’s 9:30 PM now and I can hear a blackbird singing so the rain must have eased. The crickets have joined in and are singing, too. The sky still looks blacker than the ace of spades, though, so I suspect this little orage (storm) has not finished with us yet.

The forecast does not look good for the rest of the week, either.

One comment on “Singing in the Rain
  1. France is just trying to make you Brits feel at home. Marlene and I would love the rain!

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