Pitter Patter

It’s just after 5:00 PM and the day’s rain appears to have finally ceased. Glory hallelujah! Having been pleasantly surprised yesterday, today we were unpleasantly surprised. We’ve spent most of the day pleasantly enough, cozy in Billy Bailey with the heating ticking over, passing our time reading books and doing various puzzles while the rain beat steadily on the roof. Weather aside, things are idyllic as we now have the farm to ourselves.

Eventually, we gave up waiting for the advertised afternoon clear-up and have just been down to the Penzance McDonalds car park to investigate their wi-fi network. It’s brilliant. From the car park, we managed to get yesterday’s blog posted and went through our emails. This proved a very worthwhile experience since it seems there is a chance for us to house- and dog-sit in Lliber in the Jalon Valley, Spain, towards the end of the year. Bravo! This would be a new gig for the people we were unable to accommodate this February. ‘T would be good to see our business building and have more than one client near Jalon. Thank you, McDonalds. I may well become a fan and start living on McFlipper in McBatter, or whatever the hell they call the less unhealthy options.

In fond memory of Spain and sun, we also visited good ol’ McTesco for a red pepper (guess who forgot it yesterday) so that we can make a Mediterranean feast of Paella Valenciana (see Gastroblog) this evening. We may not be able to sit in the sun but we can certainly brighten things up by eating it. šŸ˜‰

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