Fiscal Freeze

Well, here we are, at the dawn of a new financial year so we can now salt away a little more cash into tax-free ISAs to keep the interest from the grabbing hands of our b*****d tax man. (That was, of course, “blasted” 😉 ) It is a source of constant irritation to me that we paid tax at the point we earned the money and, to penalize the frugal for saving, any interest on savings is also taxed. It feels like tax on tax. Such is life, I suppose.

Snowy New Financial YearThis morning there was a slightly eerie glow coming in through the curtains and windows that hinted at one thing – snow. The scene that greeted us upon opening the curtains looked more like Calendar New Year than Financial New Year. True to form, we had planned to get together with Carol’s niece, Lisa, and family over in Suffolk; a journey of about 100 miles. It wasn’t only cash that needed salting, the roads could have done with it, too. Nearly every time we make such arrangements, it seems to manage to snow. The weather forecast was threatening the possibility of dire road conditions in places so we decided to bail out. Then things improved so we were about to leave and go anyway when we learned the get-together had been rearranged for the following weekend. (Time to buy our own dinner.)

Maybe we should try getting together in July and see what happens.

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