Alpine Allergy

We’ve been the less-than-proud owners of an HP deskjet 940C printer for a few years. It prints mostly OK, though there are times when it has a tendency to misalign text making it look oblique. It’s most irritating feature however, is that the unprintable margins around the paper’s edges are asymmetric making an image darn difficult to centre. Left to its own devices, a photograph destined to be mounted in an A4 picture frame is off-centre. Yukko!

We’ve also found ourselves wishing we had a document scanner a few times recently. Carol had briefly investigated and found combined scanner/copier/printer devices reasonably priced, around £50. Enter Tesco. I know it’s breaking a retirement rule but there we were this morning (Saturday) and there also, staring back at us, was a stack of HP Photosmart C4272 all-in-one scanner/copier/printers for £44.97 each. These proclaim the ability to do borderless photo prints so centering an image should not be too onerous (I hope). So, into the shopping trolley with one along with a case and half of Wine-Festival purchases just to feed our habit.

Along with the normal new hardware paraphernalia in the scanner/copier/printer’s box is a sample pack of three 15cm by 10cm (6″ by 4″) sheets of “HP Premium Plus Photo Paper”. I already happen to use it but I may have to revisit that decision. The small print on the bottom of the pack proclaims what I can only assume to be a dire health warning:

“May contain products from: Switzerland”.

Thank God they’d warned me. I’m certainly allergic to cuckoo-clocks; perhaps there’s one lurking somewhere.

3 comments on “Alpine Allergy
  1. Rosemary says:

    Blooming heck – could be good though, could be a flattened Toblerone somewhere. But you cannot leave the entry like that. What happened? Does it work? Can you scan?

  2. JC says:

    To be honest, I don’t know yet – we haven’t tried anything other than printing. I want to get some old sepia photos of my grandparents and try those but they are sitting chez Mater. I’ll find something to play with.

  3. JC says:

    Yes, it scans. It also seems to have OCR technology to scan documents into editable text files. (One glitch: so far, every “5” has been interpreted as an “S”. Saves a lot of typing but not proof reading. 🙂 )

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