Cornish Countdown

The season is nearly here; it’s C-3 and the anticipation is tangible. We are planning to set off for Cornwall to start the first trip of our year on Friday 18th. In normal years, Easter marks the beginning of the season but, this year, Easter was so ridiculously early that it threw everything out of whack, including rug-rat holidays which seem to have been scattered all over the calendar. By judiciously studying the pricing of certain commercial travel and leisure activities, though, we think we’ve managed to plan our way around them and avoid the little darlings.

We are planning to return to spend a week in each of three old favourite haunts starting in Goldsithney (near Marazion and Penzance) on the south coast, moving to St. Agnes on the north coast, and finishing near St. Minver Lowlands just outside Rock across the estuary from Padstow (also on the north coast). We may just have to toss a few back with the locals at their May Day celebrations ‘Obby ‘Ossin’ in Padstow.

Billy champing at the bit to get down to CornwallOur first job was to go and recover Billy Bailey from his winter quarters which, of course, meant removing that enormous cover again. BC (Before Cover), I used to be able to retrieve him by myself but now it’s a two person job so small and mighty Carol had to accompany me on this first short expedition. We must be getting good at it because everything went very smoothly and we were soon back at home with a caravan ready to prepare and load up. Much to my surprise, this time I even managed to fold the enormous cover and get it back into its storage bag. (Aside: Sailing fans invented self-furling sails years ago; we need something similar with caravan covers which are, of necessity, a similar size.)

The cover may make one curse a little, being an unwieldy contraption, but it has certainly paid dividends when it comes to preparation time. Billy is still bright and shiny, even though he’s been sitting under a filthy oak tree all winter, and didn’t need a whole day of scrubbing and washing. Excellent! I did, however, treat him to a protective covering of Turtle Wax to try and help keep him looking spick and span.

Now I just have to jar ze little grey cells into remembering what to pack and how to prepare.

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