Congratulations America

No "hanging chads" this time; absolutely no debate about who won this one.

Until now, I’d never been so interested in the political process of another country. Heavens, for the most part I have trouble getting interested in that of my own. However, the legacy of the previous disastrous eight years of American administration coupled with some of the choice offered the voting public in this week’s US election, that all changed. Quite clearly given the turnout, those things had the same effect on many of the American people.

I’ve been quite keenly watching our Channel 4 news programme, particularly reports from the States by our very own Jon Snow on the run-up to the presidential election. One particular memory will remain with me forever. Being interviewed by Jon Snow, one man said:

I have voted Republican all my life until now but I’m going to have to vote Democrat this time because Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me.


It’s a common theme; many people whose opinion I have heard were similarly concerned about Sarah Palin. I certainly am. So, as well as congratulations, I’d like to extend a thank you to America for managing to avoid forcing the "wicked witch of the north" upon the rest of the world – this time, at least. It’ll take a while to make amends for George W., of course, but it’s a start.

Good luck Mr. Obama.

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