Christmas Beacons

Carol seems at least to be having some fine weather to enjoy in Spain for Steve and Rosemary’s last full day before flying home. They’ve been down into Jalon for a look around its so-called rastro, more of a flea-market than anything, I think. Then they went into the harbour area of Calpe where there are many fish and seafood restaurants all of which, in honesty, are tourist-trap establishments but they are very pleasant nonetheless. The worst aspect is the almost constant fending off of hawkers circulating around the tables. Writing a jaunty, "Sod Off!" message across one’s forehead might be the most appropriate solution, only after the meal has arrived, of course. 🙂

Back in not-quite-as-sunny-and-warm Leighton Buzzard, I was off on a shopping trip with mother. Driving through the town has made the place look a little different in the two weeks that we’ve been away. Before we left, works were afoot in the main drag through town. The most visible changes were the additions of several (six or more) wide speed-bump arrangements, some of which appeared to be in rather odd places, such as immediately before a roundabout. The master plan has now become apparent. Several of the many sets of traffic lights which locked traffic up periodically have been ripped out. In their place, across most of the wide speed-bump thingies, zebra-crossings have sprung up, each adorned with traditional, old-fashioned Belisha beacons. There’s also a new roundabout, in one place. I imagine the idea is to enable traffic to flow with less interruptions.

My drive through in the dark was uninterrupted. I couldn’t help but think that the array of orange Belisha beacon globes flashing atop their illuminated black and white poles seemed to be swamping the relatively modest seasonal Christmas lights just a tad. Hmmm.

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