Chargers, Chargers Everywhere

We’ve got a charger for Carol’s mobile phone. We’ve got a charger for John’s mobile phone. We’ve got a charger for the lap top. We’ve even got a charger for our electric tooth brush (we like a little luxury in our camping these days. What, it was suddenly realized on Saturday morning, we have not got, is a charger for Carol’s jolly nice Canon 400D digital camera. Drat! Double Drat!

It was a drizzly morning and, after an inaugural egg, bacon and mushroom breakfast, since a certain someone was not going to be able to relax with the threat of a dead battery hanging over her like the sword of Damocles, off we went into Penzance to see if the lamentable situation could be rectified. There, in the main shopping street, was a Jessops. There, in the Jessops, was a non-Canon-but-universal-to-all-Canon-digital-cameras battery charger. Fixed – hoorah! Now everyone can relax and we can get on with enjoying Cornwall – assuming, that is, that the weather perks up.

Off to have dinner with our friends in Falmouth, Janet and Jon. Mr Driver will have a little drinky when we return. 🙂

One comment on “Chargers, Chargers Everywhere
  1. Drizzly morning. Sounds perfect. In fact it is just what we are having here today.

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