C-1 and Counting

Final preparations took place today for tomorrow mornings departure for Cornwall. This involved remembering what to pack in the car and how to get the bicycles on to the roof of the car without damaging either (or me, come to that). Surprisingly, it went quite smoothly. The boot of the car seemed a bit light but that was because it lacked a BBQ and bags of charcoal, which we have elected not to take (for the first time ever, I think – worrying). Maybe that’s because the weather shows no signs of warming up yet as we seem to be stuck in the grips of a cold easterly air flow. Last April was stunning weatherwise and even that was too cool to consider dining al fresco.

Then, of course, we had to agonize over what clothes to load in the van in order to cover ourselves for all weather eventualities. It’s enough to drive a man completely Bodmin.

I’ve been trying out some blogging clients, the main purpose of which for me must be the ability to write blog entries offline to be posted later as and when a wi-fi connection can be found. Many commentators bang on about a WYSIWYG editor being vital but that seems to me to be missing the most crucial point – offline composition. I’d used one, w.bloggar, to upload all the recipes pre-formatted to Gastroblog. However, I suddenly realized that, as it fires up, it asks for an id/password combination. Duh! Yes, it doesn’t appear that it will do anything without connection. I tried a couple of others, Zoundry and BlogDesk, but they both had a couple of things I didn’t like normally to do with handling pictures badly. In the end I’ve settled on Windows Live Writer which does seem to do a half-way decent job with photographs, despite being Microsoft. So, that’s on Carol’s laptop, now. I should probably be writing this with it to practice but, nah!

So, ready(ish) for a relatively leisurely start to our seven hour drive tomorrow after the morning rush hour has subsided. Cornwall, here we come.

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