Blogging Hell!

My Stateside tester, Mr K F Stillman of the Easton and Potomac, has been attempting to register on this blog to leave comments. Apparently, his password, as promised by WordPress, never turned up. I wondered if my blog’s Feedburner plugin (to get posting notifications by email as opposed to RSS) was somehow getting in the way but, alas, trying to register another alter-ego of myself on both my local and published implementations led to the same results, the local one having no potentially error-causing plugins. Sad! 🙁

For the insatiably curious (Steve!), a quick search in good ol’ Google revealed the following two links that imply my blog is not alone in suffering from this trouble:

Somewhat more oddly, I did receive WordPress’s email telling me my other alter-ego had registered, but I did not get a similar email telling me that Keith had registered. All irritatingly confusing since, so far, I love the product (WordPress, that is). Along with some of the suggestions in the two support logs (above), I’m inclined to suspect anti-spamming checks at the server. I can’t really be said to follow the logic through, though. (Aside: Now there’s an awkward juxtaposition of words.)

Rather than attempting any in-depth hacks to WordPress, I have removed this blog’s somewhat superfluous requirement to be registered in order to submit comments. Comments are moderated anyway so it really doesn’t seem necessary for personal blogs.

If you have been foiled trying to submit comments, try again if you can remember what you wanted to say. 😉

4 comments on “Blogging Hell!
  1. Rosemary says:

    I can still leave comments!!

  2. JC says:

    Yes, leaving comments for those already registered seems to be no problem – it’s just registering that seems to be broken. That leaves me wondering how the successfully registered chaps got registered in the first place. I have applied an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress which, I suppose, might have introduced the problem. I don’t want to backtrack, though, because there’s a facility in the latest version that I really want (being able to insert special characters like the Euro symbol easily).

    Now it isn’t necessary to register so it can stay broken if it likes. 🙂

  3. elrond says:

    I did a password reset and received an email directly to a google account.

    Anti spam procedures by some mail providers are a real problem, yahoo and aol are ones that are the biggest offenders, though most emails that I send from the same IP address do get through to aol and yahoo accounts, though they may end up in spam. can cause severe delivery problems to those it considers to be untrustworthy. AOL always likes a reverse DNS in place.

    I could not see how to register to check out registration to a google account, just to check registration was working, and then to follow the email through the logs.

  4. JC says:

    You couldn’t find out how to register because I removed that requirement, whereupon WordPress removes the “register” link from the Admin/Meta part of the sidebar.

    But hold, I sign on and go look in my Yahoo “spam” folder and what do I find? Yes – my new alter-ego password mailed from WordPress! Could this be “mystery solved”? I know Mr Stillman has a Yahoo account as one of his email alter-egos.

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