Another Birthday

February is very crowded month as events go. First, there’s my mother’s birthday (6th), then, of course, we get Valentine’s Day (remembering to omit slaughtering people with our ever-present “Chicago Pianos“) and now, as if that weren’t enough, I just became a year older myself. What a day, though. What on Earth has happened to February this year? It certainly isn’t supposed to be our sunniest month, it’s usually our worst, weather-wise.

Chimp eating ice - where’s the gin and tonic?As today was such a sunny day, completely cloudless, we decided to go and check up on our animal friends at Whipsnade Zoo. Carol, of course, took her newfangled digital camera thingy and the pictures are courtesy of her. Being members, we go there quite a bit but there is usually something unusual that makes the trip worthwhile. If not, it’s just a nice place for a walk and a darn good excuse for a bit of low-impact exercise. The water was frozen around the chimpanzees’ enclosure and they were having fun sucking lumps of ice. I’m fond of the same habit but only when it’s accompanied by gin, tonic and a slice of lime or lemon. Cheers!

Red Panda unusually on the groundWe’d broken one of the retirement rules and gone to a popular place at the weekend – not just any weekend either, its half term. Nonetheless, all was well and we had a grand time. I even met an approachingly-cute, chatty little girl who shared my birthday and was two years old today. We wished each other happy birthday as her father apologized for her constant talking. She was captivated by the red pandas who were being unusually active, clambering about in their tree and even scooting around on the ground. Winter is the best time to see the red pandas. Since they are arboreal, visitors benefit from there being no leaves on the trees.

The “Jumbo Express” in Whipsnade stationHaving met a two year old, I played at being a kid again myself; Carol took me for a ride through on the Whipsnade train, no called the “Jumbo Express”. (It used to be called the “Whipsnade and Umfolozi Railway“, which I think I prefer.) I’d never been on it before but today they were using a steam engine and it just seemed like the thing to do. Now that’s a train ride that we didn’t take Keith and Marlene on during their recent stay – how remiss of us. Next time, perhaps.

I am now being very decadent and having my dinner cooked for me by Carol: Caneton aux Navetsquelle treat! 🙂

3 comments on “Another Birthday
  1. Elrond says:

    Belated happy birthday greetings. If I’d remembered I would have cooked you eggs Benedict with a glass of Champagne.

  2. Glad to see you are discovering the fun of riding trains!

  3. JC says:

    Keith, we’ll take you and Marlene to ride it next time you’re over. It’ll probably have to be at the weekend, though, and probably not in the depths of winter ‘cos it’s the kids they get steam up for.

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