Over-Indulgence Eve

This was a pretty quiet day; everyone seemed to want to take life slowly after the preparations of the previous week. In the afternoon, Carol and I went visiting Carol’s sister and mother (who was down from Scotland) to exchange presents and our second day of Christmas occured. We left Keith and Marlene to enjoy some quality time with each other while we were gone for a few hours – except that they very kindly figured out how to use a Dyson and vacuumed the entire house. Some quality time!

We returned to find that the kids had made themselves at home and had raided the cellar (under stairs cupboard) for some wine and a Jack Daniels or two. Quite right, too, they deserved it. Then it was time to consider dinner. My heart was in my mouth as I tried to cook some ribeye steaks. I was a little nervous, both because Keith is very adept at cooking steaks and because American steak is, in my view, a hard act to follow. Nonetheless, it went quite well and the results appeared to be appreciated, especially when washed down with a 1986 Clos Rene Pomerol which I had been saving for just such guests on just such an occasion. I would hate to die prematurely and leave that in the cellar for someone else to polish off.

Then, a quick episode of House and it was off to bed to wait for Santa, assuming we had been good enough.

2 comments on “Over-Indulgence Eve
  1. Rosemary says:

    If K&M are getting withdrawal symptoms, I have a large, dirty house…..but no JD

  2. JC says:

    I believe they work only for alcohol, though wine would be accepted as payment in lieu of JD. 😉

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