2013 Singapore

In search of respite from our northern European winter, we arranged a trip to SE Asia basing ourselves in Singapore with Carol’s cousin and family. Our main attraction here was to seek out some of Singapore’s dragonflies, for which it is quite well known, but we did take some time to play tourist and see some other sites, too. Though definitely in SE Asia, Singapore is a very westernized city so, whilst there, we took advantage of local travel possibilities to investigate Cambodia, which was much more the way one imagines SE Asia to be.

Singapore enjoys a deservedly enviable reputation for being spotlessly clean, unsallied by either litter or grafitti, and a very relaxed, safe environment. We came across nothing and nobody that felt in any way threatening. Given the prices of wine and cars, living a western lifestyle there would be quite an expensive choice but the locals seem to do quite well. The climate is constantly warm and the humidity can take a little getting used to but, all in all, it made a very welcome break and was a refreshingly pleasant experience.

Our dragonfly collection is covered elsewhere but here’s a series of pictures summarizing the more cultural aspects of Singapore, together with some flora and some other fauna.

Singapore Architecture
Singapore Statuary
A Mix of Religions
The Fauna Section
The Flora Section
4 comments on “2013 Singapore
  1. Barry Ansell says:

    Hi John & Carol
    Loved the photographs, you have obviously missed your vocation. In particular the Singapore architecture. We have been to Singapore and wandered around their fabulous buildings. Very much like some of Hong Kong’s architecture. While in Singapore did you “do” Raffles and have their Singapore sling? Takes you back to the time when Britain reigned supreme in the city (so I am told). Keep the photographs coming – we both enjoy them.

    • JC says:

      Thank you for your kind comments, Barry, and yes, we did go into Raffles Long Bar to take out a mortgage on two Singapore Slings. I don’t think I’d bother again but it had to be done once. 😉

      • Cilla says:

        Love all the pictures you clever pair of thingies. You do know you can come to ours and I will make you a Singapore Sling for nowt – will even put the Kimono on if it helps with the atmosphere!

        • JC says:

          Strewth, if there’s a kimono involved I be over in about 60 minutes! Mind you, after my operation, you’re totally safe. 😯

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