2013 Chianti

Week two of our combined Tuscan adventure with Explore!, the week of Carol’s significant birthday itself, was a little further south in Chianti. A wine district sounded like an ideal venue for a celebration and so it was.

In Chianti, we were greeted by scenery that matched our mental image of Tuscany with vines and tall, slender cypress trees. The hills were still noticeable but the walking was gentler and there was more culture thrown into the mix in the form of visits to towns such as Siena and Florence. Crucially, there were also visits to vineyards for picnic lunches and restaurants to sample the main product, Chianti classico.

Carol had a proper camera; nearly all these pictures are hers. Bravo!

The Chianti Countryside
San Gimignano
Florence (mostly – I relocated the nun at the end)
One comment on “2013 Chianti
  1. Chris Shelton-Palmer says:

    Dear John & Carol,
    Thank you! Splendid array of photos. A few of which i was
    taking same shot. I especially like the unusual ones which require speed in getting moving subjects, like the pigeon.
    Also your display is in another league from mine, if you want to
    see chaotic but enthusiastic photos …view Dropbox.
    blessings to you both,
    Love Chris.

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