2013 Cambodia

A long weekend in Cambodia was part of our 2013 late winter trip to SE Asia, a side trip from our visit to Singapore. Singapore was described to us as “SE Asia for beginners” but Cambodia was the real deal; it proved to be so different that I thought it merited an album to itself. Whereas Singapore was generally intended to be a wildlife trip hunting dragonflies, we’d always expected Cambodia to be more culturally interesting, and so it was. We found the photo opportunities far greater in Cambodia than in Singapore, perhaps because it was so different, and the Cambodian people for the most part seemed to love having their photographs taken.

Since we had no idea what we were doing, Carol had wisely organized a guided itinerary through About Asia Travel providing us with a local guide, driver and transport. Crucially, the transport came equipped with a near endless supply of chilled drinking water. Great stuff! The temple of Angkor Wat is the main tourist draw in Cambodia but we got completely templed out visiting no fewer than 11, all told, in two days. A few real Cambodian villages and a visit to a local (as opposed to tourist) market made up for it.

Here’s my normal potted attempt at conveying the flavour.

Arrival Local Transport
Temples: Round 1
Temples: Round 2 – Angkor Wat
Temples: Round 3 – Off to the River
Life on the River
Village Life
Siem Reap Local Market
The Versatility of 2-Wheels
Downtown Siem Reap at Night
A Selection of Locals

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