2012 Scotland and the North

A family wedding played a large part in planning this year’s September get away for us. Carol’s niece was getting hitched during the second week of September in Edinburgh so we turned that into an excuse to visit the west coast of Scotland for the first time. Since the west coast of Scotland is two days away when dragging our caravan, we decided to break our northbound journey at Carlisle for a few days, our main desire here being to visit Hadrian’s Wall. Likewise, we broke our southbound journey home to spend a few days investigating the Northumberland coast.

As with 2012 in general, we suffered what I can only describe as appalling weather; in almost three weeks we had just 1½ days of sun (the ½ day being inside at the wedding). I was happy to escape. Nonetheless, Carol found/made a few opportunities to practice her landscape photography skills, myself joining in, which went some way towards saving our sanity.

Our trip on Google maps.

Back in England
The Nature Section
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  1. Myra Johnson says:

    Well Carol, it always rained whenever Brian and I went to Scotland too. I can’t tell you how many wet days we have spent up there! Still, I see that you managed to get a few nice holiday snaps!

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