2012 Madeira

For a brief respite from the boring UK winter, Carol dragged me off, kicking and screaming, to Madeira for a week at the end of February. It turned out that we weren’t planning to dance the lambada, after all, but walk the levadas, an extensive network of irrigation canals. Our tour also included walking in the mountains which rise to 1818m, almost 6000ft. Funchal, the capital, is a wonderfully relaxed place and my personal highlights, as a nature freek, were some unexpected encounters with its wildlife.

The Eastern Tip
The Levadas
The Mountains
Some Fauna
Some Flora
2 comments on “2012 Madeira
  1. Barry Ansell says:

    Hi John & Carol
    As usual brilliant photo’s – I can almost “smell” the countryside!
    Will email you this weekend about our trip to France, it seems daft that we cannot get together for some days, we are there for 6 weeks.
    We have had a trip to Hampshire and are off to Dorset soon. Have you been to Somerset yet?

  2. Marielle says:

    I love the Fauna and Butterfly picture! Very exicting indeed!

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