2012 France

Our normal approach to a leisurely trip around parts of France is to meander our way down south, stay as long as we can, then rush back north in as few days as possible. This time, hoping to see some early spring flowers in the Pyrenees, we reversed our approach and went south pretty quickly before taking a little longer to head back north. Our first week was good, weatherwise, then the jetstream seemed to get stuck over the English Channel and Europe’s weather became at best unsettled. Back in northern France, like England, the weather was dreadful. Given the iffy spring, we seemed to be a little too early for Pyrenean flowers but Carol did add to her haul of wild flowers, including some particularly welcome orchids. We got a few touristy shots, too.

(Trip on Google Maps)

Photographic Fun with Poppies
Playing Tourist from Fanjeaux
Distractions Around Arçais
The Wild Flower Collection
More Specifically: The Orchid Collection
Mostly New Friends …
… and a Few New Butterflies
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