2011 France autumn

Our planning of 2011 had to take into account any vagaries of my post-operative progress but we knew I could cope in Billy so, early in the year, we decided to make two camping trips to France. Insects are like me and show a marked preference for a decent climate and I was keen to investigate some dragonflies in Provence, which became one of our main goals. We’d also hatched a cunning plan to meet our friends Mike and Linda down in the south near Marseillan, our favourite harbour, for a joint birthday binge, Linda’s birthday being adjacent to Carol’s. The sheep farm couldn’t be bypassed either but everything else, we’d work out as we went along.

Some of the Odonata Gods must have been smiling because we found quite a few new species – to us, I mean, not to science. 😀 The weather Gods were certainly smiling and it turnd out to be one of our best trips, IMHO. The crowning glory, I think, was a glorious six days in the Pyrenees to finish; mountains are just magnificent in sunshine.

(Trip on Google Maps)

Hunting Dragons in La Brenne
Being Tourists at Millau
Hunting Dragons in Provence: Mausanne-les-Alpilles
Near the Bassin de Thau
Entertainment from Fanjeaux (again!)
Enjoying Sun in the Pyrenees: Bagnères-de-Bigorre
Last Day at Dieppe

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