2011 France spring

Since we didn’t get a long trip away in the UK in spring this year, we went for broke and decided to hit France a week earlier than last year, half way through May. That meant an extravagant-sounding eight weeks. Our eight weeks were, however, a little more sedentary than normal, staying two weeks visiting friends, Mike & Linda, in the Marais Poitevin at Arçais and 3½ weeks at our favourite dairy sheep farm down south in Fanjeaux.

We did manage to drag ourselves to some new areas, though, and found a selection of new critters along the way. With a growing interest in the subject, the trip was always going to be a bit of an Odonata hunt.

(Trip on Google Maps)

In and Around the Marais Poitevin
Rocamadour and the Marais de Bonnefont
Albi and Around
Based at Fanjeaux
Visiting the Pinail Trail

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