2010 France

Because of the way the dates and weekends fell this year, we pushed the boat out and went to France for seven weeks. We very nearly had to push the boat out because of the unsettled weather and very heavy rains in the middle section of our trip, too. Consequently, we didn’t move as frequently as we might and didn’t try some of the new locations that were on our wish list. The weather did eventually settle soon after we arrived at our favourite sheep farm, Les Brugues at Fanjeaux, which we have enormous difficulty leaving. Consequently, we grew roots and shattered our previous record by staying for three weeks.

Owing both to the weather and to our repeat visits to old haunts, much of our snapping this trip was of the nature that abounds in France. A selection of the more interesting critters and flowers is included along with our usual trip summary album below. Further critters and flowers will shortly be appearing either in the blog or on special interest album pages.

(Trip on Google Maps)

The Marais Poitevin
The West Coast Around Les Mathes
Condom Quillan
Fanjeaux: Les Brugues Minerve
The Pyrenees
The Fauna Collection
The Flora Collection

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