2010 Dorset

Finally, in April we made our planned trip to Dorset. I say finally because we had originally planned an experimental winter trip to spend New Year in Dorset. Poor health made us delay our trip by two weeks; I had only a cold but I didn’t want to keep the campsite awake with my coughing. Then, for our second date, this winter’s long-lived snow struck and caused a further delay. This time we elected to wait until Easter was over and go when the rugrats were back at school.

We planned a week on the east side of Dorset near Wareham, followed by a week on the west side at Charmouth. Unfortunately we mistimed our run and bumped into rugrats for the first week. Still, with wall to wall sunshine for two weeks including an eerie silence with no aircraft flying courtesy of an Icelandic volcano for six days, we had a great time. The Dorset coast is much softer than that in Cornwall but still very picturesque in a less dramatic sort of way. My two highlights were finally seeing the Abbotsbury Swannery and enjoying a ride on a steam train at the Swanage Railway.

Here’s where we were on Google Maps and below is my traditional photographic summary organized who knows how?

Lots of sun so lots of Coast Path
Corfe Castle
Swanage Railway
Abbotsbury Swannery
Odds and Sods

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