2009 Southwest

On our first spring trip to Cornwall (2007) the weather was grand, the coastal scenery was stunning and the spring flowers were delightful. Last year we tried to repeat our initial success but with little luck; the weather just wasn’t as good. This year we tried again and, apart from a couple of days early on (in Devon) and two days at the end (again in Devon) the weather was downright disappointing, so much so that we actually contemplated returning early. It must be time to break our habit and get out of the rut. (Trip on Google maps)

Featureless grey skies completely ruin landscapes and seascapes photographically so there are relatively few such shots featured below. I’ve included a few for interest’s sake but must confess that a couple have been digitally doctored – shame on me! However, flatter, more even lighting is good for floral close-ups and, with trips to The Eden Project and to Padstow’s May Day celebrations, this web album seems to have taken on a distinctly floral theme.

Around and About in Devon
More Specifically, Dartmoor
The Cornish Coast
May Day in Padstow
The Eden Project
Lydford Gorge

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