2009 Corfu

After our spring trip to England’s southwest, we had intended to head off to France. However, the spring weather hadn’t been great and France wasn’t looking much better so we changed our plans. For a few years now we’ve been wanting to walk the Corfu Trail, a long-distance footpath running the length and width of Corfu, but had never taken the plunge. While we were looking for some sun, lo and behold, Explore! had two remaining places for their “Walking the Corfu Trail” trip starting on 23rd May. We grabbed them. We made our own flight arrangements to travel to Corfu direct (with easyJet) choosing to arrive a day early and to explore Corfu Town solo.

Once united with the group, the trip was fantastic and exceeded our expectations – one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, I think. This was largely due to the fact that the Explore! leader, Daphne, did an outstanding job of shepherding us around and managing our accommodation and travel arrangements. Contributing to the success was the fact that we had a superb group of travelling companions, all of whom seemed to get along well. Everyone made it, walking from the southernmost point of Corfu to the northernmost and covering most of the Corfu Trail. A few blisters were shared around, as one might expect, but most of the scrapes and scratches were selfishly hogged by yours truly.

Since it was a trek, I’ve tried a different format and included a day by day account. There’re also sections on Corfu Town and some of the wildlife and flowers we encountered. Thus, the collection of photos below is slightly larger than usual. I crave your forgiveness and hope that I don’t induce sleep.

Corfu Town by Day and by Night
Walking the Corfu Trail
Some of the Wild Fauna and Flora
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  1. John Walker says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip and viewing the excellent photos. I might consider doing the trek later in the year and it is useful and interesting to have access to your trip experiences. Thank you.

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