2008 France

Last year in France we experienced our most unsettled weather ever. This year capped it and, for the first time, we had about five days of constant rain in the six week trip. We were watching carefully the French weather forecasts in the press and the silver lining in all these clouds was that it made us go to pastures new instead of re-covering our own previously well-trodden tracks. The west coast seemed most settled so we headed in that direction and spent three of the weeks over there. A second silver lining appeared when heading west enabled us to visit friends, Mike and Linda Eaton, at their French house in Arçais only about two miles from Damvix where we stayed.

For the first time, both Carol and I were now shooting digital prompting us to take along a laptop for viewing pictures. This, in turn, enabled us to do blog postings en route courtesy mainly of the excellent free wifi services chez McDonalds. In addition to the shots we’d normally want to take, we found ourselves shooting others just for the blog. (To see the pictures featured in our blog, check out Traveblog – category: France, 2008.)

Itinerary: Huisseau-sur-Cosson; Cénac-et-St-Julien; Les Mathes; Damvix (Marais Poitevin); Longeville-sur-Mer; St Gervais; Savonnières. (See Google map)

We didn’t visit the far south due to the very unsettled weather in that part of France. I know we both missed it but we are glad to have explored some new territory and seen some fascinating new sites. Below is a selection of photographs, mostly unpublished in the blog though a few are duplicates.

Les Mathes
Damvix and the Marais Poitevin
Longeville-sur-Mer and Les-Sables-d’Olonne
St. Gervais
Chateau de Villandry

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