2007 France spring

Late May and June saw us in France for another of our decadent long trips. We broke with recent tradition and went down the eastern side calling in to some of the battlefield sites of the Somme. We had hoped to get into the mountains but the weather was very unsettled and didn’t seem suitable so we headed for Provence instead for a mixture of old and new,
mostly in sun but with some thunder and hail for added interest.

We worked our way along the south to the Languedoc which turned out to be the highlight, partly because the weather was more reliable but mainly because we were treated to an intriguing natural spectacle – cicadas emerging all around us. The sequence seemed worthy of an album to itself so I’ve put it in Cicada Emerging.

Weather forecasts above the Mediterranean area were still not good so we stayed south until the last possible minute with a repeat visit to the Aude on a farm site with dairy ewes whose milk goes to make Roquefort cheese. Eventually, however, we had to head north via La good ol’ Loire. (Trip on Google Maps)

There and Back (Up North)

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