2006 USA

We have had a long-standing invitation to the Thanksgiving celebrations of our friends, Keith and Marlene Stillman, and their families. At last, with retirement time on our hands accompanied by some airmiles burning a hole in our pockets, we made it. The last time we were together with Keith and Marlene was on their 1999 Grand Union Canal trip which we were invited to share with them. Were that not gracious enough, they now seemed prepared to put up with us invading their home near Richmond, Virginia, for four weeks. The British are coming, the British are coming! Quite wisely, they booked themselves on a Christmas cruise to recover from our visit.

Keith’s parents, Capt. and Mrs Stillman, were our very welcoming hosts for a few days over Thanksgiving. They are so welcoming, they even gave us the keys to a delightful cottage for our stay in Mathews county. In addition to being generous to a fault, the family is very nautical. Keith’s grandfather was a Chesapeake Bay boat builder and his father, Capt. Jack, is a retired Exxon tanker captain. (No, not that Exxon captain!)

Most of our time seemed to be spent either preparing to eat and drink, or actually eating and drinking. However we did manage a few trips while we were there, visiting:

  • Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, outside Charlottesville;
  • Kill Devill Hills, North Carolina, where the Wright Brothers first flew;
  • Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum and erstwhile capital of Virginia.
TJ’s pad – Monticello The Wright Brothers – Kill Devil Hills
Mathews County
Colonial Williamsburg
Carol playing with monochrome

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