2005 Crete

2004 ended badly for us and the start of 2005 continued the trend, so we were very pleased to go and have some fun in the sun in May. We decided on yet another tour organised by Explore Worldwide, this time to the island of Crete to walk some of its gorges. Crete is surprisingly mountainous with peeks hitting about 2500 metres – twice as high as anything in the UK. We had tremendous weather and it was very pleasant to arrive with dusty instead of muddy walking boots! Our tour began in Chania from which we moved on to the Omolos plateau to walk down the Samaria gorge. That led us to the very picturesque village of Loutro (pronounced Loo-tro), accessible only by foot and ferry. for two nights. Finally, we moved on to Zaros to descend the Zaros gorge.

(Route on Google Maps)

The Omalos Plateau
The Samaria Gorge
In and Around Loutro
The Zaros Gorge

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