2003 Greece

In September we joined an Explore Worldwide two week “Greek Island Wanderer” tour. We were part of a great group of 18 kept (mostly) in check by our Explore tour leader, Rachel (phoenetically “Raitzel” to the locals ‘cos Greek has no “ch” sound). We began and ended in Athens, which doesn’t seem to have changed much in the 20+ years since we were last there (it’s still very busy, noisy and faintly grubby), then travelled to four of the Cyclades:

  • Syros (where Carol left her fleece);
  • Paros (where we expected to regain Carol’s fleece but didn’t);
  • Santorini (visually stunning in an eyeball-rattling kind of way – still no sign of Carol’s fleece);
  • Naxos (where Carol was finally re-united with her fleece).

Hence our subtitle, “the Tour of the Golden Fleece”. In this case, though, the fleece was seeking us rather than the well documented more traditional format!
(Route on Google Maps)

One comment on “2003 Greece
  1. Terence Rodbard says:

    Congratulations great website! I see you have not been to Greece for a bit. I live in Diakofto, north Peloponnese, and have photographed 18 dragonflies in the last month. Let me know if you come my way. I also know some good tavernas! Terence

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