2001 Australia

We left Heathrow at about 10:00 PM on Christmas Eve, spent Xmas Day in the plane – an interesting experience – and arrived in Sydney at 6:30 AM on Boxing Day. Mike, Carol’s long-suffering brother, was kind enough to get up at some unGodly hour and collect the weary travellers at Sydney airport. This time Mike and Sandy managed to take time off work and spent a whole lot of time entertaining us, mainly with a two week camping trip. We went from Sydney to The Snowy Mountains, on to the Great Ocean Road, along to Adelaide and The Barossa Valley, then back through Mildura to Sydey. I think a great time was had by all – we even enjoyed a couple of breakdowns and tested the NRMA! We were even still talking to each other at the end of it.

Boxing Day: the Sydney to Hobart yacht race Boxing Day to New Year: around Sydney
Two Weeks Walkabout … well, drive-about, to be accurate
The final relaxing week The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

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