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A Spot of Moth Intrigue

I can never think about moths without thinking of Jethro Tull – track 4 on Heavy Horses: Moths, which has a line including, “… the first moths of summer…”. I’ve put it on now. 🙂 One of these characters certainly

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Winter Visitors Return

There aren’t many advantages to winter in my book. One, though, is the chance to see a slightly different mix of birdlife in the garden. Only when the colder weather hits do we see Goldfinches dropping in to take their

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France 2011, Autumn – Picturesque Pyrenees

Normally when we get to our blissful dairy sheep farm at Fanjeaux, we have trouble dragging ourselves away. Our normal pattern is to go through the motions of a debate between ourselves, whereupon we always decide to stay as long

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France 2011, Autumn – La Rigole to the Rescue

The beginnings of misgivings began in my mind when we visited Fanjeaux, comme d’habitude, during our spring trip. Farmer Luc had let a fish farmer in to breed inconceivably large numbers of inconceivably small fish in his lake. The inconceivably

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France 2011, Autumn – La Crau

After four nights in La Brenne, we made a longish run south to Millau to go “ooh, ah” at its justly famous viaduct. Whenever I look at it I can’t help but think, “how on earth did they build that”

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France 2011, Autumn – La Brenne

It’s a bit difficult writing what was supposed to be a travel blog when you can’t do it “live” due to insurance risks. It has to be done after the fact. Isn’t modern life a wonderful thing? Together with this

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Variable Weather

The weather forecast spoke of sunny spells breaking out on Sunday and, as one of the things on my “to do” list this Odonata season was “visit Wicken Fen”, down came the Mazda’s roof and off we sped. The cloud

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Replacement New Toy

Recently I returned a new toy, specifically a Canon EOS 7D camera body + Canon L series 70-300mm lens, to Warehouse Express because I wasn’t entirely happy with the camera’s performance compared to my existing EOS 40D. I was beyond

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Extending the Vocab.

More often than not, when we come back from a trip that had a sniff of wildlife, we have several unidentified critters with which we need help. Our spring trip to La Belle France was no exception. Here is where

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New Forest, New Friends

What would a retired couple, a retired couple with a dislike of the noise emanating from children, I might add, be doing visiting the otherwise delightful New Forest in the middle of August, I hear you say? Very good question!

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