Bringing Home the Water

Well, we’re back for our first full day back at home after a wonderful trip around France and feeling a little cool. The larder was bare so we popped out shopping to get supplies. Carol fancied something warming and suggested a Spaghetti Bolognese so I popped the ingredients into our shopping trolley … or I thought I had. It was down to the frozen brain again probably but, when I came to begin preparation I discovered that “Mr University Challenged” had forgotten the bacon. Drat!

Carol ran me quickly round to the local Co-op and I bought a pack of “The co-operative British unsmoked rindless back bacon”.

The package appeared to contain nothing but rashers of bacon. Therefore it came as something of a surprise when I noticed that the very next line on the package label, in relatively large print, read:

86% Pork


The following two items on the labelling were “Quality Bacon Standard” and “Assured Food Standards” marks.

The back of the packet, in rather smaller print, made it clear that the vast majority of the missing 14% was water. I realized water was frequently injected but I don’t think I realized to what extent. 1/7th of what I’d bought and paid nearly £5 per pound for was water.

In my humble opinion, “Quality Bacon” is 100% pork, allowing a few decimal points to cover necessary preservative for shelf life, of course – I still don’t want to eat mould.

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