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  1. Rosemary says:

    Ah ha – new style; nicely wrapped together I think.

  2. Stefan Roos says:

    Hi John – hope you are well!

  3. Now all you have to do is add a subscribe via email option and your website/blog will be complete!

  4. Carol Bloch says:

    Always a pleasure to catch up on your latest adventures! When are you going to venture back to the states? Colorado is a lovely place to visit. Come and see us.

  5. Michael and Julie Mangano says:

    It’s always lovely to check in with you and see how you are doing and what you’ve been up to. Thanks for keeping in touch!


  6. Back at work after the weekend, I can afford a few moments to take a look at the site. And what do I see, all those names from the past. Glad someone takes the time to keep in touch.

  7. Steve & Kathy says:


    As usual I am still envious of all your free time and travels. Enjoy living vicariously through your travels. Happy Birthday “young man”.

  8. Mike Eaton says:

    Terrific tips on caravan management from the maestro! Thanks John

  9. Scott Paladino says:

    Nice place ! Where can I get a good lager?

    BTW, I love the picture of the aristocratic giraffe. I sense a MP in his future.

  10. Marie Tronnes says:

    What wonderful pictures. The next time you are in the US, please let us know. Marie & Ron

  11. Michael Borse says:

    Great website you two… wonderful photos. Don’t know if you remember me from Walker, and bumping into each other in various corners of the world. If you get this message timely, give me a shout since I’m in your nieghborhood working in BUKS for a week, and staying in Milton Keynes. Passed a sign reading Leighton Buzzard a day ago that made me think of you two. All the best.

  12. Lauren says:

    One of the only blogs of ‘real people’ who have gone on Greek Island Wanderer. Am booked for this
    tour in September 2008. I would love to ask you a couple questions about the trip, if you wouldn’t mind.

    Lauren, Canada

  13. Anne Meyer says:

    John Curd! I received LinkedIn messages from Gordon Simpson and Chris Dabrowski and it made me think about the other Walker Brits and what they were up to, so I googled you and found this wonderful website. Good for you and Carol to have such a wonderful life! This is great.

    Love the photos. They are beautiful.

    Best to you both, Anne

  14. Ashley Pickering says:

    Hi John,

    It is so great to get back in touch with former Walker buddies like you. I always enjoyed my time there, and we had some great experiences – I still remember the Karoake session at Lake Tahoe!!!


  15. Gordon says:

    I love the sunset over rice paper – promise not to steal it for at least a few release of the geexcess site – which is under rework again.

    Of course the fact that I now know Mike Eaton is cruising round the country in a caravan is scary knowledge I’m not sure will help my sleep – I still have family in England πŸ™‚

    When you get over to California, we can have dueling blogs on common activities – the ultimate in nerd fun

  16. Jeff Arnold says:

    Hey John — got here through Gordon’s link. Great to see everything going well with clan Curd!

  17. Paul says:

    Now you have gone fully digital I expect to see pictures of the completed dishes – as well as the changing colours of the cajan napalm – that would be useful for us novices!

  18. For all of the francophiles, at least french foodies, who might browse this interworld thing. Just had a great dinner at La Fourchette in Charleston, SC – the Owner Perig Goulet is from Brittany (Kim asked him of he was from Paris – OMG). The food is amazingly fresh, local but also very french bistro – simple in a wine, butter, shallot and garlic kind of way. He does his frite in duck fat – as a yorkshire boy growing up on beef dripping I was a happy camper. Kim had Moule and did dip her bread at the end πŸ™‚
    Thought of you both as we walked home to the hotel very, very happy

  19. Great to browse through your photos again! And I love your recipe section — we’ll have to talk about that some time soon. Julie

  20. Paul says:

    Hi John & Carol,

    Bill Bryson eat your heart out. John, you’re a natural, I think you should write a book!

  21. elaine says:

    Jamie’s Lebanese chicken is one of our favourite recipes. I recently picked up a bag of farika (labelled ‘frick’) from a middle eastern grocers on the Great Western Road, Glasgow (a few doors from the brilliant ‘Lupe Pinto‘ mexican deli). It looks like nobbly mishapen bulgar wheat. I guess major cities where there are grocers supplying the middle eastern community are probably the best bet – or mail order. (London shouldn’t be a problem).

  22. Pat Freshwater says:

    Hi 3rd cousin – I was brave enough to visit your site Pat

  23. Good Evening to you both,
    So,you would like a little information about myself. Well, I am a middle aged female, as wide as tall, still a red head but with a little help from a bottle nowdays. I am married to a wonderful man who hales from Watford. We have brought up two lovely children, a boy called Tom who is in the police force, and a daughter called Georgina who is a mum of two, a little red head called Rosie who is 4 in April and Jayden, a 5 week old gorgeous little boy. Our interests include flying, cooking & eating it of course, travel (with our other little man called Stan) in the caravan, good wine, good friends and life in general. I love your site, it is very interesting, lots of lovely pictures and recipes, although I think I recognise the Wood Pidgeon recipe from the Cookery Year book – yes, we love that book too!!!!! Well that’s enough about me & mine. I have loved visiting your site, I hope to come back soon.

  24. The Lewis's says:

    Christmas day sounded lovely and the sun shine looks magnificent – glad you enjoyed the pig!! Also very pleased you got the clock working… how do you ever sleep at night with all that chiming bearing in mind that the dog in the nearby field keeps you awake when your at home… we still fail to hear it!!
    Love to you both – Happy New Year! xx

  25. M. Arif says:


    I was looking through for a Camera equipment and came across your web site. Sorry I do not have your email address. See that you have retired from Walker or whatever the company is called. I am involved in politics and property having done with Walker and Consultancy. You look well in the pictures and it is the first time I have seen your other half. I am also looking for Steve Blasdale’s email address too.

  26. mike says:

    hi found you by searching “rocamador” as was supposed to visit soon so just looking at what i am missing coming to live in the charente soon so maybe i can see the villages of france then ` all the best mike ………….ps you have some super pictures thank you for showing them to one and all abientot…..

  27. Alec says:

    I came on to your site while looking up Le Sables d Olonne where a friend has a summer residence.
    I will no doubt get into more trouble with my wife for spending more time on computer, but how can I possibly pass your site without returning, I will eagerly devour each word.
    As yet I have only covered one blog. keeping the others for later dates
    As a “Silver Surfer” I am envious of your travels. we do a little cycling. but health wise have to act with caution.( Spirit is willing , but the flesh is weak!) Sorry but my pet hate is caravans.
    We live in the land of holidays-Bournemouth, and it is a pleasure to get away to quiet rural areas such as you describe. GREEN with envy.I was brought up in Cornwall as an evacuee-just 1 mile from Cape Cornwall. now that is heaven!
    Thank you for your site. good luck with further travels.

  28. Charlie says:

    Hi John and Carol,
    I came across your website while searching for photos of Corfu. My wife and I are considering Corfu for a holiday this year, although lately, my health has not allowed us to get away anywhere. Still, we are hoping that things will improve soon, and your Corfu pics look absolutely lovely. Being a Philhellene (Greekophile), it’s always difficult to decide where the next Greek location should be, as they all look great. I’m a bit like a child in a sweet shop when planning our next Greek holiday.
    I have two main hobbies. One of which is ancient Greek history, and the other is……….cooking. So can you imagine my surprise when I discovered that your blog also included a selection of culinary treats. I shall definetely being trying some of them out, and shall let you know how they go. You see, my wife just loves our cooking arrangement. She isn’t in to the actual cooking itself (that’s my area of expertise), but she does love to help me eat it. If you’re like me (an amateur Jamie Oliver), then you’ll know how important it is to have someone who appreciates your culinary creations. In all fairness, she always offers to help me out in the kitchen, but she leaves the planning and the menu to me. I think my need to be in the kitchen, surrounded by vegetables, spices, herbs and all sorts of cooking utensils, must be something similar to the inexplicable desire which most males get (maybe a pre-historic instinct) which makes them want to rush outside and get the BBQ going as soon as the sun shows itself for anything longer than 30 minutes on any one day.
    Anyway, I shall be coming back to your blog regularly to have a look at your wonderful travel albums, and of course to check for new additions to the recipes section.

  29. Sarah Walker says:

    I know John from the old ‘Walker’ days (coincidence with my name!) and have just found him via Malcolm on facebook. With my glass of wine I am sitting on my deck in Aylesbury enjoying a summers evening looking through your photograph albums. I’m getting on Nick’s (my hubby) nerves by constantly taking the laptop into the lounge to show him one of your photos – they are beautiful. I love taking pics myself, but would love to produce photographs like yours. I’ve only looked at 5 albums so far, but will work my way through all of them. Havent looked at the recipes yet – I hope your special lasagne is there somewhere!!

  30. Hugh Brookes says:

    Many thanks for the link to your site John – I’ve been not far short of mesmerised.

    You’ve certainly continued to set yourselves the same high standards I remember from the pre-digital days.

  31. Dave says:

    Hi John & Carol,
    found your blog doing research for planned walk of Corfu Trail and just found my note to revisit once you had completed. I’m 52 year old living in High Wycombe who is a regular bi-annual visitor to Corfu. I love the island and its people and collect travel guides/books (fact and fiction that have a Corfu connection. I just wish my photgraphic ability was as good as yours.

  32. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.

  33. Anne nee Curd says:

    Just looked at your blog. Well done for visiting Oradour-sur-Glane, it’s on our list of visits we must make. We attended the 60th and 65th anniversaries of D-Day,(Merville Battery and Pegasus Bridge respectively) and always remind anyone and everyone that it was not solely America who won the war. Regards, Anne

  34. Paul Hurley says:

    Ewe’ll tide greetings. It must have been great fun, but one question remains…did you sample the end produce (and I don’t mean the milk)?

  35. Hi John,

    Nice site.

    Love and kisses. Alla best for Twenty Ten.

    Cheers, Neil.

  36. Anne Meyer says:

    John and Carol,

    Love seeing all of your new photos and the great places you visit and the one you call home too!


  37. Steve Thompson says:

    Blimey! You haven’t changed a bit, John, or is it an old photo? I never did meet Carol but as she’s still around, you can’t be all bad!

    I’ve been live, well and working in Aylesbury for years now, working at McAfee (yeah, anti-virus stuff) just off Gatehouse Road, behind the Bucks Herald office.

    Are you still in the software business? I was till about a few weeks ago, when after 10 busy years, McAfee decided to thin out its technical authors.

    So now, I’m wondering where old authors go. Could you rack your brains for me, and think of a few software companies, large or small, and not a million miles from Aylesbury?

    Be good or careful!
    steve Thompson, that technical author bloke with the moustache and glasses, from Ringwood and Walker days

  38. Neil says:

    Hi John,

    If you thought I had some great u/w pics before, check out

    I added over 600 images and indexed them by critter, plus some “best of” by year. I must admit, I was pretty chuffed when I reviewed them after slogging through getting it all together. It was a good opportunity to revisit Javascript and Excel VBA (I store the meta data in an Excel spreadsheet and wrote VBA code to generate Javascript, some of which generates HTML – silly I know, but what the heck, eh?).

    Cheers, Neil.

  39. Gerald Smith says:

    Hi John:
    Carol contacted me recently via Friends Reunited. I don’t know Carol, but I think I know you – ex Reading University, about 57 years old? If that fits you, you know me! I’m on Facebook – because there are a few Gerald Smiths, look for “Cascina La Famo” (there’s only one of those) and I’m the Gerald Smith who likes it. Do get in touch!
    All the Best,

  40. Lorraine Webster says:

    Hi John and Carol,
    I love all your photographs and stories. I hope you will make it back to California some day soon.

  41. malcolm and carole cleave says:

    Thanks for your brilliant blog. I underwent the same operation as you on March 7th and was totally unprepared for the level of incontinence I have experienced. Reading your blog has made me feel not entirely alone and has provided us with many laughs and added incontinence when reading about your experience with i-Pad Manos.

    Here in Cornwall I have a questionnaire to fill in before I can be provided with 4 incontinence pads a day – questions include β€œHave I recently given birth?” and I also have to weigh a dry pad and then the wet ones for three days to see how much I am leaking!!! Isn’t life fun. I have my Psa test in 6 weeks time and the consultant appointment in 7 weeks to discuss the results – I am hoping for an outcome like yours. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your experiences – it has helped me a great deal. Malcolm.

  42. Sue Birkby says:

    Hi John & Carol,
    My maiden name was Curd ! It’s not often to come across the name & not be related to the person!
    I am from Kent, I was born in Pembury as was my father & all of his 8 brothers & sisters.
    I was looking for a smoked haddock & leek tart when I found your site….I will certainly try your version.
    Regards Sue.

  43. Kay says:


    Hi- I just wandered in from a Google search for other people’s Dukkah recipes! Then I saw John had the misfortune to have a brush with prostate cancer- since I’ve worked with a researcher, interviewing guys for her, that also clicked with me! I’m a 59 yr old from Adelaide, South Australia. I love to travel- we’ve been walking all over Europe, but now all this is curtailed due to my unemployment, so we read travel blogs instead! I’m Murfomurf on Twitter and Flickr, Grumba on Plurk and a complex mixture in real life!

  44. E Shattuck says:

    Hello you two!
    I am a friend of Steve and Kathy; the Delmans and the Websters. I am also a nature lover with a special interest in birds. I loved your photographs and thank you so much for sharing them. I will visit again and look around some more now!
    Ellie from Napa, California, USA

  45. Ray Collinson says:

    I am related to the Derby Curds who are the less fortunate end of the once wealthy lot who emigrated to Virginia in 1704.
    Charles Curd of Sussex Married Mary Robards at Matlock in 1801 eventually coming to Derby.

  46. Shondra says:

    Hi there, I live in Miami, I love your photos I would like to paint your clouded leopard picture with the dreamlike bottom. I don’t see a way to email you so I guess this will have to do for a copyright question. Feel free not to post it or edit out whatever you like. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Bruce Hyde says:

    Hi John,

    I am familiar with your name as you have kindly taken the time to agree, revise and comment on various of my iSpot Observations. I have only just managed to stumble over your website, which I find excellent.

    We (my wife is also called Carol) have a holiday home in S. France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees not far from Perpignan. We spend around half the year there in 5-6 week chunks. The eating and drinking is as important (probably more so) than the weather.

    My interest in odonata only started a year or so ago, and, like you, it has become a near obsession.

    Keep up the good work on your website, which I shall visit often.


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