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The New Beetles: 2011 Tour

We’ve been travelling to the Marais Poitevin, a.k.a. La Venise Verte, a few kilometres inland from La Rochelle, for many years. We used to stay at a very pleasant campsite in Damvix; we even became recognised by and struck up

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New Prunes

It takes a long time to sort through pictures from a trip, especially when it was a longer one than normal. Still, progress has been made and the dross has been discarded. Now we just have to merge our new

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Pushing the Boundaries

When we first retired we began taking six week trips to France. Last year we extended that to seven weeks, braving the presence of Satan’s Little Disciples in the last week of our trip. This year, in lieu of a

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Panoramic Pretences

I am a traditionalist. This may seem a little strange for someone who spent their entire career in technology but it’s certainly true. I suspect it stems from my father who was a craftsman, a joiner in fact, with a

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