Published: France 2012

Well, it’s been an absolutely pitiful year for weather in northern Europe. After kicking off our 2012 travelling with a couple of weeks in Spain in late March/early April, we went for one of our spring migration trips to la belle France for June, plus a week either side. Our first week started well but then the Jetstream famously intervened and upset much of northern Europe’s weather. Apparently, it was “stuck too far south” zooming up the English Channel. We found some respite to the disturbance it caused in the south of France but northern France was terrible – we heard of people packing up and heading for home early from there.

Fortunately we’d chosen to head south earlier than has been our habit so we left much of the worst weather trouble behind us. Wild flowers were a particular interest this year and, given hawk-eyed Carol’s spotting abilities, they form a significant chunk of our photo collection. I even had fun trying a new floral photographic subject myself. There are some traditional tourist scenic views as well together, of course, with wildlife which we really can’t ignore.

If you have time for a little diversion, here’s the link:

France 2012

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