New Year, New Look, New Site, New Title

For much of the current winter, I’ve been beavering away giving our website a bit of a facelift. [Ed: Now that was interesting, spellchecker doesn’t understand beavering and neither, to my surprise, does Chamber’s 20th century dictionary. Hmm.] Although it may look very similar in that a neutral grey background is used to show off photographs, it was actually a completely new implementation based on a standard WordPress theme, largely to make use of drop-down menus. Since I now admit to being obsessed by dragonflies, I also wanted them to play a more significant role, hence the use of a few of our more suitable photographic efforts in the banner.

Still on the dragonfly obsession, the information I wanted to make available about them online had also grown to the point where I needed more than a single page photo album. Enter: Odo-nutters, my new so-called microsite concentrating on Odonata. My old single-page dragonfly and damselfly albums are still there (under Galleries in the main Odo-nutter menu) but I’ve added sections specific to individual species which I will add more information, such has id notes, to when bored – it’s currently mostly photographic. It’s given me a vehicle to use the UK and French locations maps, which I’ve been building up, together with a flight season spreadsheet which is very new.

From the new to the old – RIP Traveblog. With the threat, real or imagined, of potential insurance difficulties due to advertising one’s absence on social networking vehicles, the enjoyable idea of a blog whilst travelling (other than an anonymous one) was pretty much ruined. My head could have been ruined if Carol hit me over it for ignoring her warnings. 😀 So, regrettably Traveblog is defunct. I’m trying a more general JC’s Ramblings approach (same Web address), which contains all my old Traveblog stuff, so I’ll see how that goes. What a drag the modern world can be, spoiling peoples’ fun.

So, from me and all next season’s Odos, currently hopefully over-wintering as larvae, I wish you a Happy New Year!

[This, BTW, is a Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula), which should be the first species to emerge in the new season.]

2 comments on “New Year, New Look, New Site, New Title
  1. Ann says:

    When you click on a piccie to see the bigger version it would good if the bigger version was bigger than it is currently to see a bit more detail.

    That’s my opinion but my eyes are going!!!

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