Tesco Double

I confess I am writing this largely to try out my new Linux (Ubuntu flavour) blogging client, Blogilo. Weird name. It supposedly means “blog tool” in Esperanto. Terrific! Not so terrific was the fact that, after downloading for ages and having installed, upon first running it I was greeted by the less-than-amusing message, “cannot connect to database – OK”. No, not OK! An Internet search found me a solution, in Spanish, saying I needed an “sqlite package”. Well why didn’t it do that as part of the install, then? It took long enough. So, I followed my new Spanish friend’s advice, installed an sqllite package and my Esperanto application is now working, it seems. Anyway …

Good ol’ Tesco is at it again.

A couple of weeks ago we couldn’t help but notice that Tesco’s fuel prices crept up a little, first by a penny a litre and then by a second penny a litre. At first I thought this was just the general inexorable rise to rip off the British travelling public. Not so, it seems. Comparing fuel prices at other suppliers in town, many were now a little cheaper.

All became clear when recently Tesco started one of its promotions giving vouchers for 5p off per litre of fuel when you spend £50 or more “in store”. [Darwin, how I detest that phrase!] I’ve suspected this tactic before but now I’ve seen ti put into action. They’re really ujst giving you 3p off per litre. “Still not to be sneezed at”, I hear you say. True enough, but 10 miles up the road is a huge ASDA store with fuel that, given and ASDA credit card, is 5p per litre cheaper than Tesco anyway. Cunning stuff.

There’s a second Tesco gotcha at the moment. A little bird told us they were selling litres of Gordon’s gin at £16.00, supposedly a £3.xx reduction. Since we were nearby one of their larger stores and I’d been remiss enough to have drunk most of our current supplies of gin, we called in to restock. Unsurprisingly, all the litre bottles had gone – the shelf was bare. Darn, the promotion is clearly too successful.

On the shelf immediately beside the absent 1 litre bottles were the regular 70cl bottles of Gordon’s at, wait for it … £11.00. That’s equivalent to £15.70 a litre. Curious!

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