New Toy Returned

Before we went to France for spring, I had managed to convince myself that I really would like a new camera, the Canon EOS 7D. It’s main appealing advantages over my current Canon EOS 40D were:

  1. 18 Megapixels (as opposed to 10);
  2. higher ISO setting (to 6400 as opposed to 1600);
  3. 100% viewfinder (as opposed to 90-something%);
  4. 8 frames per second (as opposed to 6).

Frankly, #4 was of little relevance to my kind of photography – I shoot multiple frames only when I forget to take my finger off the firing button 😀 – but I’d convinced myself that #1 thru’ #3 were appealing. Unfortunately, most suppliers, including my favoured Warehouse Express, were out of stock so my trusty 40D went to France.

When we returned, Warehouse Express had received new stock. Not only had they got the EOS 7D body but there was also a kit including the Canon 70-300 L IS lens. Carol was going to be needing a birthday/Christmas present and was v. interested in the pro grade 70-300 lens so I lashed out ~£2,300 on the kit: 7D body for me, lens for Carol.

My first trip out with the 7D showed that it focussed very fast, certainly faster than my 40D. The pictures weren’t great but that was largely situation and inexperience. My second trip out after dragonflies was similarly disappointing but now I though that a couple of the shots should have been good –everything had seemed right.

My third trip out was frankly very disappointing with several blurred shots and others looking what I could only describe as “soft focus”. I’d noticed (just) the focus warning light flashing indicating it had not acquired focus when I thought it should have. I set up a tripod and a comparative test shot through carol’s L grade macro lens. I couldn’t get over the feeling that the 7D was very slightly softer than my trusty old 40D. Furthermore, the metering seemed to be making the colours a little less intense, too. I simply wanted to continue with old faithful. That feeling made it a complete waste of £1100.

Warehouse Express were very good. Although I’d had the camera 14 days and exceeded the 7 day “I’ve changed my mind” time to return it unwanted, they agreed to take it back and give me a credit note on account provided, of course, the camera was pristine. Of course, since it was a kit, Carol’s lens had to go back, too.

Warehouse Express accepted my return and we’ve now received a stand-alone replacement lens for Carol’s birthday/Christmas. She’s a happy camper, again.

I’m still disappointed but happier at not feeling I’ve waste a large pot of cash, although I now need to find some alternative equipment on which to spend the remaining £1100. A long macro lens, maybe? 🙂

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2 comments on “New Toy Returned
  1. Pavel says:

    Nikon D7000 is the way to go my lad !!!!!! but then I’m hugely biased!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Were there no settings on the focus or sharpness under the menu that might have changed the action?

    I know on my Nikon there are some setting that change this … not that I have bothered but just wondering?

    • JC says:

      Not when you’ve already invested a couple of grand in Canon lenses, it isn’t – but the Nikon did seem a very fine camera.

      There are menu settings to change contrast, saturation and sharpness, on both the 7D and 40D, but the point was to have the two cameras set the same and compare like with like.

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