Unscheduled Move

Today’s forecast mentioned the possibility of rain. However, the morning dawned dry, if overcast, so we went into Swanage to investigate. It turned out to be a pleasant enough if somewhat windy front with a few interesting shops, chief among which was a fishmongers where we bought a Grey Mullet for our evening meal.

We’re having trouble figuring out where local Dorset folk do their main food shopping. Wareham has a small Sainburys with little in the way of choice and Swanage seemed to have a small Budgen with similarly little choice. We’ve yet to see a decently sized supermarket with anything approaching a wide range of goods. Neither have we seen one selling fuel. If this means that locals buy from small, specialist shops, then more power to their elbow. It may be so but I remain unconvinced.

We returned to our campsite with our booty. Yesterday, though we started in an area surrounded by nothing but empty space, in the late afternoon a 6-berth van accompanied by two cars and four rugrats turned up. Where did they pitch? Right next to us. This whole section of campsite was completely empty but they went right next to us. This may have been because they were allocated that pitch number but if so, I don’t understand the pitch allocation algorithm. There’s 200 pitches here – why cram people together? The kids were let loose and balls began flying close to Billy with rugrats charging across our pitch in hot pursuit. We weren’t going to relax.

Down the road is the Caravan Club’s site. We called in. They had spare space. We decided to write off the money invested in the previous campsite and moved. It’s more crowded but it’s more peaceful. We’re expert at drop-of-the-hat caravan moving. Lesson learned.

Two Rivers Walk, Wareham Big Boys Toys, Wareham For a spot of relaxation and fresh air, we went into Wareham to try their so-called Two Rivers Walk. Wareham is an old Saxon town surrounded by an impressive earthwork “wall”. It must have been quite an effort to build it. The walk went outside the wall following a river (or two) littered with moored boats. The clouds even cleared and the sun shone. A seal put in an appearance rummaging around in one of the rivers but wasn’t close enough for a snapshot. Any suggested rain never arrived.

Fingers crossed for our new situation.

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