Parc Nartural del Montgó

In amongst the clouds this morning there were some less-than-familiar patches of blue lurking. Maybe we’d get a chance for some fresh air. In between Xávia and Dénia on the coast lurks a large lump of rock called the Montgó which we’ve wanted to go and take a look at since we were introduced to this area of Spain. The coastal end of the Montgó supposedly resembles an elephant.

After solving the recurring question of what/how much clothing to wear, we set off. Soon after turning out of the valley it was apparent that we were heading away from the lurking blue patches and towards the lurking solid grey. After another mile or so it also became apparent that we had forgotten our Alpen bars for walking snacks. Drat! Undaunted, we continued, negotiated the traffic swarming around un unexpected market in Dénia and found our way to an entrance of the Parc Natural del Montgó.

After an initial ascent up a road threading its way through some well-shod-looking properties, we got onto the track up the mountain itself. This time there was no doubt about the path, which seemed to be more of an old gravel road complete with a wall to stop the unwary falling over the edge. The weather wasn’t clearing up but the walk was relaxing and very pleasant with the sprawl of Dénia with its harbour and a Balearics ferry to our left. We tramped on.

Unlike our favourite walk here around the Bernia, This was a there-and-back job. Also unlike our favourite walk here around the Bernia, the path remained almost identical as did our views, other than a slight change of angle. After three miles of more of the same, and faced with the prospect of the same three miles again on our return trip, a desire for lunch got the better of us and we did an about face. We made it to the eastern “nose” of the elephant, though. To complete the ascent, we’d want a more settled sky and a packed lunch.

Ermita on the Montgo It wasn’t a day for landscape photography but we did find another tiny little ermita (chapel, I think) to divert us on the way back down.

The Jalon Valley as it should be. We returned to Lliber to find that the sun which hadn’t spread as far as the Montgó had spread as far as Lliber so we finished the day basking in late afternoon sun looking at the wonderful view of the valley from Geoff and Pam’s pad. The picture on the left is what this place is supposed to look like. Naturally, we had to enjoy the view in the company of a glass or three of rosado.

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