Unlocked In

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get myself locked out of our house. Carol was going out to play somewhere and I decided to go for a walk. I left first and, since we have very pleasant woodland behind us, I left via our rear entrance door. Then Carol left and locked up. After my walk I returned to discover a complete lack of keys in my various pockets. Brilliant, John! Our immediate neighbours have a set of keys but they were away at their house in Spain. Fortunately, folks opposite us across the road were in and they had a set of our keys. Phew! I was in.

I refitted, in a less-than-obvious location, a combination lock-box containing a spare house key. (I had previously been encouraged (i.e. ordered) by Carol to unfit it because she thought someone had been tampering with it in its previous location near the front door.)

Today, Carol was off out playing again with her mother and skin-and-blister (sister) leaving me to pack the caravan for our imminent trip to Devon and Cornwall. Part way through the morning I wanted to open our garage and … where were my keys? Search as I might, keys were there none. I’d had them yesterday when I fetched the caravan and hadn’t worn a jacket since so they weren’t lurking in a pocket. I was wearing the same trousers as yesterday and they contained no house keys. A Mazda key dangled lifelessly on its hook but it had no buddies; there were no house keys at all.  The Mazda key was no good ‘cos I didn’t have a garage key; that was with my house key, wherever that was. I had gone from being locked out to unlocked and in.

I suspected that my trouble-and-strife (wife) had both her set of keys and mine. Two phone calls to her new mobile simply produced a message telling mine that it had been impossible to connect my call. Isn’t technology wonderful?

I did manage to lock up the house using the spare key in the lock-box and walked to my mother to say adieu prior to our trip. I had to walk ‘cos the Mazda was locked in our garage. The walk was well worthwhile, though, ‘cos mother made me a very nice bacon roll washed down with some Stella Artois. 🙂 A third call was more successful. Sure enough, you-know-who had my keys as well as hers. No damage done but I’ve never been unlocked in before.

I’d better add a spare garage key to the lock-box when we get back from Devon and Cornwall.

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