Orléans to Fanjeaux

Thankfuly, today promised to be far easier that yesterday. All but the final handful of kilometres were on autoroute, much of which were toll roads so the traffic should be lighter. And so it proved; we calmly covered the 600kms/400mls or so from Orléans to Fanjeaux in a casual seven hours. For most of the way the weather was overcast with some occasional light drizzle but when we passed Toulouse the Mediterranean effect seemed to kick in, the clouds broke and the sun shone. Bliss!

Close to our autoroute exit is a supermarket with relatively cheap fuel so, being a little earlier than we had planned, we decided to call in both to fill up and buy some emergency wine supplies. We filled up first then entered the supermarket and bumped straight into Nadine, our hostess for the coming week. We struggled to keep up with Nadine’s French but had a pleasant reunion alongside the fresh vegetables. Hopefully our ears and brains will warm up and become more accustomed to French while we are here.

We left Nadine to finish her shopping and drove our last 10 kilometres to the farm at Fanjeaux where we eventually found Luc tending his ewes and lambs in the barn. He now has some 280 lambs all of which look painfully cute. He’s had about a 10% infant mortality rate. We may not be very good at that bit.

We still don’t know what we’ll be doing to “help” but it seems we’ll begin to find out at 7:00 AM tomorrow.

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