Off to Aubenas

Having oggled some of the strange constructions atop volcanic outcrops in Le Puy, today we were setting off to move 65 miles or so south to Aubenas. While I was packing, Carol set off à bicyclette to get breakfast and some milk. She returned with breakfast and a plastic bag. To be fair, the plastic bag did actually contain 1 litre of farm fresh milk. Other than the fact that it was in a 1 litre sachet, the most notable thing about the milk was that it was unpasteurized. Not quite what I expected to see in the centre of the Brussels bureaucrat-regulated European Economic Community. It’s a bit too creamy for decent tea but it makes an excellent coffee, for those of us who take it white.

The road to Aubenas, though relatively short, was very picturesque, across the quite high plateaus of the Massif Central. The road was made somewhat longer by the fact that we were towing straight into the teeth of a strong southerly wind which, since it was also a very warm wind, I assume was the Scirroco (even if I don’t know how to spell it). Many fields were adorned by green effigies of a lentil-man, a bit like a vegetable version of the Jolly Green Giant, but the fields were sadly ploughed up so I still haven’t seen any growing lentils.

Our descent from the higher plateau towards Aubenas was scenic with a few “interesting” bends but Billy coped admirably, even if he couldn’t stop to enjoy the views. We found a pleasant camp site just outside Aubenas and had lunch before going to look at the town. It was, well, pleasant enough but unscintillating.

We’re moving off again tomorrow, eastwards towards Die at the southern side of the Vercors Massif, another strenuous 65 miles or so.

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