Lambing Trip Album

I’ve got just the thing for a snowy morning which, as usual, is a week too early for a white Christmas. Having been largely indoors sheltering variously from lashing rain or near-freezing temperatures, I’ve finished processing the photographs from our recent trip to France helping with the lambing period on a dairy sheep farm at Fanjeaux. Consequently, I’ve published my usual photographic trip summary at:

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we did get up to more than just sheep farming so you won’t be snowed under just by pictures of sheep. If you are snowed under by snow today and looking for some diversion, why not take a peek.

Oh hell, take a peek anyway. 😉

One comment on “Lambing Trip Album
  1. Paul Lewis says:

    I just hope you washed your hands properly ! As ever great pics – especially like the carcassone at night. Passed it many times on the autoroute – wil have to stop sometime !

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