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The Tour de France is managing to keep the excitement level up. Two days ago I watched an incredulous Frenchman survive what became an independent breakaway from the peloton to take a stage win. It was delightful to watch: as he approached the line he kept glancing around and shaking his head in utter disbelief that the main bunch of riders had messed up their chase and failed to catch him. Yesterday the Tour moved into its second foreign territory, Spain, and headed down to Barcelona. It looked for a while as though another independent move from 30 kms out would survive but it was not to be; this time the peloton reeled him in for another frenetic sprint finish. The really weird thing yesterday was that it was raining in Spain. Shock, horror! The weather is supposed to be better south of the Pyrenees.

I can’t quite believe today’s stage. The organizers, who can only be described as sadistic, send the hapless competitors up into Andorra (foreign territory three) and the heights of the Pyrenees. Not only is this said to be one of the highest finishes ever at 2240m/7350ft, but there are four further climbs to warm up the legs along the way covering a total distance of 224 kms/140 mls. 140 miles with a killer finish – strewth! It should be fascinating.

All this French activity is making me champ at the bit to get back to France myself. With that in mind I have managed to find time in between Tour de France coverage to spend yet more money. I have finally weakened and ordered a caravan mover from Powrwheel Ltd. This will enable the van to be positioned independent of our tow car, even up quite steep slopes. Whilst I pride myself on my caravan reversing abilities, it should give a lot more flexibility when choosing a pitch position. There have been occasions when we’ve had to reject an appealing-looking pitch simply because there wasn’t room for the combined car and caravan to manoeuvre. Movers are also very handy accessories for the elderly and infirm, so I should be fine. 😆

Now, on with Le Tour.

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