In Sheep’s Clothing

Seven days to go until we clamber on our ferry to head off for our lambing assignment.

Our ferry should be due to dock in Calais at about 11:30 AM (Wednesday, 25th November) so we ought to have a comfortable 5-6 hours driving time. I figured that Orléans would make a useful night halt; that’s about 435kms/270mls from Calais going the Paris-avoiding pretty route via Rouen, Évreux, Dreux and Chartres. Since that’s our “normal” route in when we are lugging the caravan along with us, we know the roads pretty well and should avoid too many surprises. There was a useful looking B&B Hotel right by the autoroute at Orléans so I’ve made a reservation (I hope!). We’ve never visited Orléans before so, if our weather karma is good, maybe we’ll get to see it in the evening.

When I confirmed that our ferry was booked with farmer Luc, I asked if we needed anything specific. His reply suggested:

  • clothes to be able to dress like a farmer;
  • walking shoes;
  • clothes to wear into town in the evening.

At least it doesn’t sound like all work and no play, which is encouraging. I’m still fascinated as to what a pair of inexperienced Brits can do to help in the ewe maternity ward. Still, Luc’s not silly and he must know.

Neither am I really sure how to “dress like a farmer”. I suppose I could take my Wellington boots but I wouldn’t want to frighten the ewes into premature births. 😆

Speaking of births, Luc is already proud grandfather to 220 lambs. Yikes! Since he has 320 ewes, I’m hoping there are some twins in there and that there will be some left for us to get involved with.

Excitement is building.

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