If Memory Serves

Having begun the week thinking that it was finally time to bite the bullet and upgrade my computer, things went a little awry when first Carol and then I lashed out on two new road bikes. Bang went twice the computer budget. I was left with a still pedestrian machine struggling with modern machine-hungry software and its 500Mb RAM. Still, at least I hadn’t had to grapple with Vista yet.

Enter good ol’ Amazon, God bless them. For a relatively modest £20 I could purchase two new 512Mb memory modules to replace my machine’s old memory and upgrade the poor, struggling computer to 1Gb RAM. Furthermore, my purchases were eligible for free, supposedly unhurried, delivery. The memory arrived yesterday a mere two days after I had placed the order. I am beginning to wonder why anybody would pay the premium for express delivery. I’m very fond of Amazon. Today I’ve opened up the box, ripped out the old memory modules and replaced them with the new ones. As you can see, my machine still works.

If the memory does its job, things might be a little less pedestrian now. If only I could upgrade my memory. 🙂

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